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Mobile carriers

Give customers more value with their mobile service by offering an integrated music solution. In addition to creating a highly engaging experience that will reduce churn and increase brand loyalty, customers will also be able to leverage the power of increasingly fast connectivity.

Napster’s flexible infrastructure supports a wide variety of mobile business models, including bolt-on services and bundling with data plans.

Sfr Vivo Telefonica


Telefónica Germany is the largest mobile telco provider in Germany.

Napster and E-Plus started a partnership in April 2013, offering a variety of different bundle and standalone products to their customer base. O2 started offering music products with Napster in November 2013.

Napster has been the exclusive music streaming partner of both companies offering different strategic music products within the mobile tariff structure of their numerous brands such as BASE, O2, AY YILDIZ, yourfone.



Terrestrial radio is facing profound market challenges impacting advertising revenue and customer engagement**. Radio listeners have more options than ever before. Large on-demand music streaming services offer access to millions of songs, deep personalization and compelling features like offline playback that pull attention from traditional terrestrial radio.

By partnering with Napster, you can get access to on-demand music features thoughtfully blended with the unique, local, trendsetting DJs and programming of traditional radio. Unlock higher customer engagement and gain a new revenue stream via flexible subscription offers. Retain the position of tastemaker and delight listeners with unique on-demand features. Drive higher engagement with deep platform integrations to reach listeners from their favorite platforms (web, mobile, home and in-car).

* Source: 2017 Musonomics Report on the state of Terrestrial Radio

Audio is bigger and more exciting than ever, and our partnership with Napster allows us to jointly explore and redefine how audio content will be consumed in the future. We’re constantly striving to authentically super serve all US Hispanic listeners with the best music and audio programming through our Uforia app. Powered by Napster allows us to deliver an even better and more personalized experience to our audience.
- Jesus Lara, President of Radio, Univision

Uforia Music

Univision Communications and Napster partnered and discover new innovative ways to enable audio consumption across digital platforms. As part of the partnership, Uforia unveiled a newly enhanced and redesigned Uforia app that is now “Powered by Napster,” creating the ultimate destination for Latin music fans. The newly enhanced Uforia app now offers music fans seamless profile registration and the opportunity to enjoy a more compelling experience listening to live radio, podcasts, and music playlists in one easy-to-use service.


Sonos is the Pioneer of Wireless Audio and naturally they had a vision to create the ideal streaming service right out of the box for their customers. Our close partnership allowed us to work seamlessly to first launch Sonos Radio, an ad-supported, free streaming radio experience, exclusively available to SONOS customers in more than 10 million homes globally. Sonos Radio features original programming along with hundreds of hours of music handpicked by a team of DJs, artists and curators.

Additionally we extended the service offering with an ad-free, high-definition subscription based streaming tier with Sonos Radio HD. “Powered by Napster” provided a content management system, complete metadata, multi-territory licensing and advanced royalty and BI reporting for Sonos' original stations for Sonos Radio and Sonos Radio HD.


BMW Music

Taking a step towards the future of in-car entertainment, BMW wanted to create an immersive music experience as distinctive as BMW owners and the vehicles they drive. The result, BMW Music powered by Napster, an integrated premier streaming audio service, brings European BMW owners an innovative in-car service that needs no setup, no login and no extra device.

Formally launched in August 2019, the service is available to BMW owners of cars that feature BMW Operating System 7.0 across Europe. Drivers and passengers have one-click access to 60 million songs and more than 20,000 audiobooks through the vehicle’s entertainment system, and the ability to browse artist, album, song and genre through touch, specialized gestures or voice.



Music is an essential part of the driving experience, and Napster provides seamless ways to integrate streaming music solutions into the car. Offer customers the benefit of personalized music from a catalog of millions without sacrificing the controls they expect.

Bmw Audi Porsche Mini Bentley

Retail & e-commerce

In 2016, streaming music became the primary source of global digital music revenue.* As both physical formats and music downloads decline**, you’ll be able to use Napster services and quickly join the next generation of music sales, keep existing customers, and gain new customers in this rapidly growing space.

* Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2017

** Physical format revenue declined 7.6% in 2016, Digital downloads have declined by 20.5%. Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2017



ALDI is the biggest German retailer for food and beverages and a very successful retailer of electric goods as well.

ALDI and MEDION were looking for a digital music streaming partner. With Napster, they found a service delivery partner and a strategic consultant for digital music trends and development.

Through this partnership, Napster has provided a “full stack” engineering music solution to ALDI in the form of a co-branded music streaming service named ALDI life Musik powered by Napster. Available in Germany since September 2015, the partnership was expanded to the ALDI’s Austrian affiliate HOFER with the launch on HOFER life Music by Napster in December 2016.


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